WE LOVE GRAFFITI and thus we make innovative and top notch products; we just make great inks and paints !

POISON is not just a brand. 
POISON is a philosophy and state of mind. 

Truth to our values and loyal to the scene, we invest our energy and growth into delivering the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. We promise to always offer you only the best.


The Origin
Back in the day, graffiti was underground and getting your hands on good quality ink for tagging was  almost impossible. Many were using paper-quality ink that could not withstand the weather conditions. A true black ink that can resist fading or chemical buffing was almost impossible to make.
Then, along came a simple but effective idea: the addition of bitumen to an oil based black ink, thick enough to create a long-lasting effect, but easy to flow through squeezers and create the most impressive drips. What was born from this idea and actual street testing was the original ‘Black Poison’ – the first generation of the famous bitumenous ink.  ‘Silver Poison’ followed right after the huge success, using the same principal of the addition of bitumen.

By carefully studying the needs of the graffiti writers, POISON were further developed  to include more colors, increased resistance to the weather and chemical buffing and a shorter drying time. The 2nd generation included the improved versions of the original black and silver poison along with three five new metallic colors: white chrome, blue chrome, green chrome, purple chrome and anthracite chrome.

Nowadays, POISON Inks and Paints are the highest quality graffiti materials designed and formulated by street artists. Original colors and ideas is the key to the global success and respect  that POISON inks and paints are receiving. Four optimised lines of inks and paints are produced, which are almost odourless and offer the greatest coverage out there.  We are proud to present to you the  new 3rd generation Poison that will change the way writers tag!!!