Q. What can I put the POISON Ink into for the best performance?

A. Basically anything that holds a liquid that offers maximum flow through the tip. Some examples of what works best are most Bingo daubers, KIWI shoe polish mops, Fun Painters, and empty glue stick containers. For application to the ground, empty glue bottles, empty ketchup bottles, and empty eye contact solution bottles work best.

Q. What do you use to make the Ink drip?

A. We cannot reveal what ingredients we use to do this, but we can say that it took quite some time to find the perfect combination of ingredients to create the smoothest, most consistant formula with a quick drytime and great permanence.

Q. Why wont it drip?

A. Chances are, the tool you are using is the problem. Markers with felt tips such as pilots and posterman markers will not have much flow if any at all. Also, when using a squeezable mop, you need to have the "feel" for the marker. Push too hard and the lines will have streaks. Write too fast and there may be less drips. Its all about getting the feel of the marker and understanding what to do for best performance.

Q. Do you ever offer specials on prices?

A. Yes, we will be offering price specials on occasion. Check back often for clearance offers and special, limited run colors.

Q. Is POISON permanent?

A. Yes! POISON Inks are definitely permanent, and their color will never fade in the sun.

Q. How long does it take to get my order?

A. Please allow 7-14 days for delivery.

Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A. Yes we do! Please contact us at info@4poison.com and we will send you a wholesale price list.