POISON GRAPHIC 2 - the ultimate drawing tool

Here at POISON, we are dedicated to continuously improve and upgrade our products in order to offer you the highest quality at the most affordable price. After months of hard work (design-wise and performance testing), we are proud to present to you the all new POISON GRAPHIC 2: a twin nib graphic marker, designed for drawing. With a colour palette of more than 120 colours, the POISON GRAPHIC 2 is the ultimate drawing tool.


  • Two size nibs: 7mm broad and 1mm point
  • Ergonomic Barrel: triangular barrel for easy grip and anti-rolling function. The matte surface offers is anti-slip.
  • Airtight Lids: The precisely moulded and perfectly fitted lids are outstandingly airtight and evaporation resistant which ensures longer shelf-life than any other marker.
  • Coded Caps: The coloured and numerical coded caps make the identification of the markers easy
  • Dotted Lids: For easy removal and closing