POISON Empty Markers are hand-assembled, and use the highest quality materials that are made in EU.  The pump system of the markers, has the ability to cover almost any flat surface and can produce nice and controlled drips if required. Their enhanced ergonomic design allows better handling of the marker for total control. We use only the highest quality of materials to make sure our markers will last and provide you with a trustworthy tagging tool.

We are proud to be able to offer different types of markers in order to support all of your tagging needs:

Poison 4mm round-tip / 2-5mm flat-tip markers are ideal for drawing, blackbook tagging and calligraphy. Can also be used for tagging on classroom desks, as they can be easily seen as normal markers ;)
Poison 5mm round-tip / 4-6mm chisel-tip markers are the chubby ones that can easily fit in pockets. Perfect for drawing, blackbook tagging and calligraphy. Recommended also to be used for tagging on anything that you feel like tagging ;)

Poison 15mm standard-tip / 20mm flat-tip markers are the classic tagging tools, ideal for hardcore tagging, blackbook tagging and calligraphy. Highly recommended by all writers worldwide, these are the benchmark markers out there !!!