Breakfast Brown Smooth Paint

Breakfast Brown Smooth Paint is a hand-made, highest quality alcohol based paint that has been developed by street artists. The paint offers an unparalleled shiny finish due to its finely grinded particles. It has the ability to cover almost any flat surface and can produce nice thick drips if required. It is resistant to many chemical agents without losing its total deep look. Neither rain nor sun nor any other atmospheric agent can attack these inks. The enhanced formula allows better penetration of the paint to assure a long lasting appearance for months and years to come. We use only the highest quality of ingredients to make sure our products will have that thick, juicy feel. Great for effects in your art work, on canvases, etc. The applications are limited only to your imagination. The 230 ml body of the container is impact resistant and come with a new special cap allows you to use the paint even without a marker.